Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Trump and Israel

US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unveiled a peace plan today. We have seen this many times. Presidents and others propose peace. People wave flags. We all hope. Right? But do the people who oppose Israel want a deal? Do they want a little more land? It seems what they want is for Israel to not be there. 

I believe only God can bring peace because it will require a change of heart, a complete and lasting transformation of all the souls looking at this and thinking one thing to suddenly think and believe and uphold something else entirely. 

In 2018, Trump did something no other President could (would) do and that is to move the American embassy to Jerusalem. I found it encouraging and unexpected. I suppose I had grown accustomed to things being impossible. It gave me hope. Maybe this is also not impossible. 

What do you think?

Son of David

...“Have mercy on me, 
O Lord, 
Son of David; 
my daughter is 
severely oppressed 
by a demon.” 
But he did not 
answer her a word. 
And his disciples 
came and begged 
him, saying, 
“Send her away, 
for she is crying 
out after us.”  
He  answered, 
“I was sent only 
to the lost sheep 
of the house of Israel.” 
But she came 
and knelt before 
him, saying, 
“Lord, help me.” 
And he answered, 
“It is not right to 
take the children’s 
bread and throw it 
to the dogs.” She 
said, “Yes, Lord, 
yet even the dogs 
eat the crumbs 
that fall from 
their masters’ table.” 
Then Jesus 
answered her, 
“O woman, 
great is your faith! 
Be it done for you 
as you desire.” And 
her daughter was 
healed instantly.

Matthew 15:22b-28