Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I Feel Adopted




Isn't that what adopted means?

I know an inordinate number of adoptive families. They just seem to be everywhere. I am so passionate and supportive of it, though I am having a hard time understanding why. I don't think we'll adopt.

But somehow this is a Thing in my heart. It just inspires me and, when I hear of someone doing it, I want to shout, "Woohoooo! Bring them home!" And to the adoptees, "You are not alone!"

So I started this blog (a decade behind the trend, as always) and have been thinking about why adoption moves me so. It occured to me that I feel adopted. The way my life is...I just feel brought in, rescued, given a place, a family. I feel like I am cheering for "my people" when someone is adopted.


  1. Hi Sandi:When we ask Jesus into our hearts, He adopts us as His own.
    We receive the best family ever, the family of God,

    1. Thank you, quietspirit. Yes, He does!

  2. And He will give us a Spirit of adoption - no one else does that!