Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I Feel Adopted




Isn't that what adopted means?

I know an inordinate number of adoptive families. They just seem to be everywhere. I am so passionate and supportive of it, though I am having a hard time understanding why. I don't think we'll adopt.

But somehow this is a Thing in my heart. It just inspires me and, when I hear of someone doing it, I want to shout, "Woohoooo! Bring them home!" And to the adoptees, "You are not alone!"

So I started this blog (a decade behind the trend, as always) and have been thinking about why adoption moves me so. It occured to me that I feel adopted. The way my life is...I just feel brought in, rescued, given a place, a family. I feel like I am cheering for "my people" when someone is adopted.


  1. Hi Sandi:When we ask Jesus into our hearts, He adopts us as His own.
    We receive the best family ever, the family of God,

  2. And He will give us a Spirit of adoption - no one else does that!