Monday, March 20, 2017

At the Well Again

There was a Tweet on the 17th by an author I had not heard of before. Nadia Bolz-Weber. A quick search of her reveals she loves the unloved and cares a great deal about people. 

Here's what she wrote:

Nadia Bolz-Weber @Sarcasticluther
We all come back from the grocery store to the sight of Jesus just chatting it up at the well with Steve Bannon. Jesus is the worst.

I have to say, this made my heart glow. She got a lot of responses. Most I loved. Some didn't get it. I do. I so get it.


  1. To me it speaks of the fact that Jesus can speak to anyone and everyone in everyday life.

  2. Jesus loves even the unlovable.

  3. That is really cool!! I love it!!! Yes, Jesus loves the unvloveable (from our standpoint)!

  4. Hi Sandi! Like Brenda, I think of Jesus loving the unlovable in every age and time. Whoever that is for you or for me, they deserve the love of God, and our respect as his creation.
    Thanks for sharing this,

  5. Hello, I would find it hard to chat with someone like Bannon. It is awesome that Jesus can love the evil people in this world.