Monday, March 6, 2017

One Question

Do you know?

One question is all that matters. All the others are white noise. They have answers that last a moment, but not much longer.

Do you know Jesus? It's the most important question.

What else would you ask me? I have a million thoughts and opinions and not one of them will take the darkness from your heart or the despair from your soul.

What really matters? What lasts forever?

John 3:16-For God so loved you.


  1. Amen!Amen!
    You hit it right on girl. :-)
    The most important decision we will ever make in this life is the decision of our eternal destination. Be sure you are saved.
    "And as it is appointed unto man once to die but after this the judgement seat."
    Hebrews 9:27
    Excellent post~~

    Have a beautiful day~~

  2. Do you know Him?
    That's the question.

  3. I was at the grocery store this morning and actually thinking along these lines. Nothing else matters but whether people know Him and are assured of their salvation. Good question to ponder this week (and the rest of our lives)!

  4. Great thought. I have heard preachers say the only question God will ask us as we seek entry into heaven is, "What did you do about My Son?"

  5. It is so important that you know Him and love Him.

  6. You are right. Only one question, in life that really matters. Good post and AMEN!

  7. Oh that is so good! Amen!!! That is the ONLY question and answer that matters in life!!! Thank you for summing up the whole of life into such a brief, powerful, complete statement!! JESUS---He is ALL you need!!!

  8. I do know Jesus is all I need and my heart goes out to family members who resist Him. I thank God for every day I can pray for them.

  9. this universe and life itself are biggest questions to face and i am very much sure that the way we are dealing with it and leaving the path it will take more that life time to find the answer

  10. Hi Sandi! Knowing Jesus is what makes us so much better than we are every day. Loving him makes us want to be like him!

  11. Amen! I asked Jesus to forgive me and save me when I was a child. His love grows sweeter every day! Thank you for this wonderful post.

  12. Amen Sandi,
    thank God for loving us so much that He gave His only begotten Son for us to believe in that we might have eternal life.

  13. I do know and I'm so wver grateful that I was given the insight to see and feel him.. I'm so grateful God gave hi e for my life to be changed for all of our lives to have that opportunity to walk with him and receive everlasting life... w/love Janice