Thursday, July 18, 2019


I am dead thirsty. I lap up the life of others, never quenching nor satisfying that longing within me for more. I am a vampire, always in quest of. I am enslaved by desperate pursuit. Ravenous and manic, I seek you. I come for you because I need the life in your veins. I need.

I can’t count my victims. Too many are they.

I see my next meal, a strange man on a vacant road. I approach slowly to stalk him. He is a lighted figure in a fold of darkness, as if he holds the sun within himself. His silhouette stands out against the evening. His mere existence is an annoyance to me. He neither cowers nor defies as I approach. He meets me eye-to-eye. It is infuriating.

His face is weathered, beaten and bruised, but serene. His hands scarred, horrific torment have they endured or given. Perhaps I have met a monster like me. I size him up. I can take him. The blood on his hands looks like it has been there for an eternity, though it has the stench of freshness.

He appears to know me. At the very least, he knows what I am about to do. And he doesn’t seem to mind. I attack with precision, injecting my fangs and drawing the blood. Slowly, deliberately, deliciously I drink in the depth of life from his neck. Almost instantly I realize this lifeblood is different. A surge, more like a punch, hits me head-on somehow. I reel, a bit, but return to the drink, drawing in its warm fulfillment. But again, it strikes me. It reaches me, deep within and takes me.

My limbs, my muscles, my entire being staggers and halts like a rushing freight train suddenly stopped by unseen hands. The cells of my body rebel, turning against me, and begin to transform. They are becoming something else.

As if I have no control over my being, they twist and coil without my direction or input. I am being remade. I find myself eagerly accepting this new thing, hungering and thirsting for it with all the desperation of my previous pursuit. Everything within me cries out. Astonished, I feel a presence seeping into me, filling my hunger. I am bloated with it, round and plump with this life. My thirst, palpable and parched, is satiated as if with a flood. I am overwhelmed.

I look into the eyes of my victim, a suddenly strong and invincible presence. His eyes are the color of me. His hands and arms around me, as though I were the prey, he does not look away. And in that moment I realize the blood on his hands is his own. This cannot be. A mythical creature, this; I do not believe in Jesus.

When he spoke he said my name as if he'd known it forever. I can’t tell you what that did to me. But I can tell you I will never thirst again, not ever.

I wrote this in 2008. It appeared then on a now closed site,


  1. Hi Sandi! Wow. Usually your posts are short, a passage from Scripture or a short reflection. I was not prepared for this story. It's AMAZING. It captures the whole 'vampire' craze, but in a new way. To be filled with the blood of Christ. Really good...

    This stunned me. Thank you for this!

  2. Wow. That's profound. Sorry the site this was published on is closed. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. wow this is very powerful and very well written.

  4. Oh my! Caught me off guard too, but very powerful. Yes, He is our life force, and anyone can be redeemed through His blood!

  5. "His face is weathered, beaten and bruised, but serene..." Jesus, lover of my soul.

  6. Hi Sandi, An unusual cup of Dandelion Tea that highlights your writing abilities. Powerful! John

  7. Wow,that is so well written! Have a lovely weekend ☺

  8. Very well done. I enjoyed reading each word. Wonderful!

  9. Dear Sandi, strong writing. Peace.

  10. Such a great thinker and writer you are dear Sandi !

    this piece of writing is captivating and mighty
    skillfully written

    food for thought indeed

  11. Gather....that was a looong time ago.