Monday, January 30, 2017


An army of women brandishing words of encouragement and beauty surrounds my Internet experience and swipes away the deluge of today's news. 

Who builds an army like this? 

It is made up of housewives and homeschoolers, doctors and nurses and teachers, writers, drifters, poets, and shooters of photos of tea cosies in San Francisco. They gather together with stories. Just stories, of ordinary lives that are extraordinary, told in words spilled on a page to challenge perspective and understanding. They defy definition, this army, because they do not destroy or conquer or take over with fear. They simply rest in front of a screen for a few minutes in their busy day to type out a thought or two, and with that, change the world. So, thank you, army, for coming to my rescue.


  1. What a nice post to put up Sandi, I love this sentence in particular:-
    'They defy definition, this army, because they do not destroy or conquer or take over with fear.'

    and would say that I feel the same as you regarding this issue.

  2. After reading this you have left me sitting quietly with a pondering heart...
    Beautifully said and oh my, so, so true.
    What an encouragement this post was for me today, thank you!

    God bless you~~

  3. What a wonderful post! YES you are in my posse!

  4. Love to read your lovely story, this is so true.

  5. Yes. I love this. Make Social Media Great again. ;)

  6. The news can pull us down. Better to stick with the encouraging army!

  7. Hi Sandi! This is so good and thought provoking! I love the encouraging words. Thanks for popping in to see me. I don't have a dollhouse yet. I bought a couple of bookshelves and that's it for now! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I like this army. And the flowers.


  9. Oh, I LOVE this thought!!! Yes...we are a MIGHTY ARMY...and the Lord is our Captain. So thankful to be in the ranks with you and so many other wonderful soldiers!! What a beautiful army this is!!

  10. Hi Sandi! What an uplifting post today. I never thought of myself as a soldier, but I like it. We are all just finding joy and beauty in our everyday, and sometimes, that is a struggle. But it's also real life. And we find ourselves bound together in this wonderful blogland.
    Thank you for this post,