Thursday, April 6, 2017


"But immediately Jesus spoke to them, 
"Take heart; it is I. Do not be afraid.”

Matthew 14:27


  1. Oh yes...I wonder how often He has entered our "walks" in life like that, but we just didn't realize it could be Him? I'm learning to look up and say, "That was YOU, God, right?"

  2. Jesus really knows us and that we need to hear His encouragement not to fear...just about every day! Lovely flowers.

  3. Gorgeous flowers with a tremendous truth from God's Word. Very encouraging. ♡

  4. I love, love, love Jesus's words... "take heart, it is I." That's all I need.

  5. I love what followed these words too. Jesus encouraged Peter to 'walk on water', something Peter would never have thought he could do - yet something he could do when he took his eyes of the circumstance and obeyed Jesus' encouragement to do it.
    It is only fear that can stop us from walking according to the Lord's instruction and guidance. We must keep our eyes on the Lord, not on the circumstance we may be in, in order to overcome.
    God bless you Sandi.

  6. As a child I love this story, as a woman I love His words:"It is I", do not be afraid".

  7. Hi Sandi! As we travel this Holy Week, I think I need to remember that message from Jesus. His Passion and Death are not to be feared, but instead to help me come to an awe of his great love for me. (And you!)
    May you have a blessed week and Easter celebration too,

  8. pretty flowers and wise words

  9. Lovely flowers, they go with your chosen words so well.

    All the best Jan