Sunday, April 21, 2019


The Freedom to Live

Your chains are broken, see them there on the floor?

When He rose from the dead, He took people with Him.

I didn't know He was coming for me. 

But He was.

I didn't know I was blind until I could see.

I thought I was right about everything. 

I was sure of it. 

I was wrong. What a relief.

Welcome to Sunday

Welcome to Life


  1. Is This Truly A Great Day?

    Truly, this day marks a Great Day in the History Of Humanity. This is the day when the Salvation of Humanity became a reality for all who will trust in God, that he provided the true Passover Lamb, thereby causing the Angel of Death to pass over us, giving us Life Everlasting with God.

    This Passover Lamb committed himself to us and freely and obediently went to the alter of God and gave his life, as a ransom for all.

    Then, three days later, on the Feast Of First Fruits, he raised our Messiah from the Grave validating the Word of God and Y’shua/Jesus as the Promised Salvational Lamb Of God and setting us up as Joint Heirs in the Kingdom of God. Truly, a great day!

    However, let us commit ourselves to celebrate everyday, as this day, for our Messiah is the Passover Lamb and God is our Savior everyday. Amen!

  2. True 'life' can only be found in Jesus Christ, our Saviour.
    God bless.

  3. Jesus Christ Is Risen!
    Ester blessings to you, Sandi!

  4. How beautiful your words are today!! I hope you have a lovely day.

  5. Three yellow roses are very rare!

  6. Happy Easter! What a beautiful picture of your yellow roses! Everything is reborn this time of year - with new life!

    Rejoicing with you - because our Savior, Jesus, has risen!

    God's Blessings to you! Net

  7. Welcome to life indeed! We didn't know what we didn't have, and now are so thankful for all He did for us!
    Happy Easter!

  8. Happy Easter.
    Beautiful words.
    We serve a Risen Saviour.

  9. And may we preserve and share this joy of resurrection!

  10. Feliz Páscoa! Que as rosas nascidas contigo sejam um sinal de amor e felicidade efetivado hoje! Grande abracó! Laerte.

  11. He came for me, too.....and is coming back. Soon, maybe!

  12. I hope that you and your family enjoyed a happy and meaningful Easter, Sandi!

  13. He came for me too!
    Great post.

  14. Me too, I thought I was right. So happy he changed my heart.

  15. You have a very special way with words, Sandi. : )


  16. Happy Easter -- OK, a day late but...

  17. I hope that you had a good Easter. I'm still catching up.