Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Jesus is the Answer

So many problems in our world are caused by selfishness. How many wars have been fought for reasons other than what we have been told? How many problems did we create ourselves? 

The snow falls. The sun shines. 
It doesn't fight. It doesn't steal. 

What the world needs is unconditional love, healing, and awareness of why all this has happened. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn said of his times, "Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened."

The world needs God. 

You do. 
I do. 

We are not just all by ourselves. We are a force together, meant to be together, intended to be in connection with our Creator. It is so simple. How many times do we see kindness and it touches us deeply? Each person, anywhere, kindness, love, empathy, selflessness, these things move us all. 

Why are we so similar if we are supposed to be Us and Them? 

Something divides us. 
Something foolish. 

But Jesus makes all men brothers. 


  1. So true! I believe there is no justifiable war.

    1. I used to believe them when they said we had to have a war. I thought they knew. But now I know all war is evil.

  2. The snow falls. The sun shines.
    It doesn't fight. It doesn't steal.
    For me, that says it all!

  3. Thank you, Sandi! That is so beautiful and so kind!

  4. The lack of culture creates distance between people.

  5. The lack of culture creates distance between people.

  6. this is divine piece of writing dear Sandi !

    so true that we all together are meant to be one :)

    sunlight and rain is for all ,Creator made us equal and to love each other
    it is Us that turn this heaven given to us in Hell

  7. Thank you. I am beginning to seriously pray for all who need Jesus. So easy to forget amidst stressing over our times now.

  8. Jesus makes men brothers, that's beautiful!

  9. Amen! Our sinful ways of self-sufficiency divides us. Only being humble by having a contrite heart, can we be free of our prideful ways. Just studied Isaiah 66:2 that spoke of this today! God is good.

  10. Well said, Sandi! Solzhenitsyn was right. Many have turned their backs on God, have forgotten God and have become lovers of self. Evil delights in what is happening in our country and around the world. I pray for revival, and am absolutely comforted by the fact that I know how the story ends:)

  11. So very true. One kindness is like a drop of water making ripples across the lake. An old friend once told me that little children and old people understand this far better than others, because they are all on equal grounds at that point in life. Truth to that.

  12. Too many people make it us versus them.