Friday, February 14, 2020

The Flower Child and Jesus

This is a video by the documentary filmmaker David Hoffman. 
If you get a chance to watch his channel on You Tube, it is full of these gems. He somehow inspired a diverse group of people to talk about their deepest feelings and life-shaping experiences. 

This is the story of a young woman talking about her life in the 1960's and 1970's. It was recorded in 1990. She says something interesting that struck me. She says she did not adopt the culture of born-again Christianity because she still enjoyed nature and health foods. I am not quite sure what she meant by that. I know believers who eat healthy and love nature. Maybe things were different when she was talking about this. I really don't remember. Enjoy!


  1. We cannot always understand all people...

  2. I would have thought believers enjoy nature. That's why God created it.

    God bless.

  3. Thanks for the link, Sandi! And I love the painting!

  4. I wish you a nice day. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  5. Every lost life is a sad happening.

  6. I really enjoyed the video. Thank you for posting it. I think I know exactly what she is saying about some of the exuberant born again Christians and her love of nature and health foods etc. I have found the same problem with church goers in some of these same type of churches, perhaps it has to do with what part of the country we are from? I'm an ethical vegetarian, I love animals, I love to pray and talk to God, I'm a sold out Christian. We also live in nature, we live on acreage in a forest. I have found personally, people in churches are very put off by my vegetarianism and any sensitive thinking on anything. I've been at banquets, prolife banquets where there were things made fun of as far as being a vegetarian as I sat before my vegan plate. I attended another prolife banquet and they didn't even take my request seriously for a vegan plate and I had to go jump through hoops with the chef so I could simply eat, they didn't seem to understand conviction. My daughter is a prolife counselor from that organization and I am a previous prolife counselor from a prolife clinic in the city and still very much a prolife advocate by the way if this tells you anything. I've been to family get togethers where a deacon's wife makes a comment about her grand daughter being into that vegetarian "stuff" like it's something bad. I've been asked to lunch at a new church we had tried to visit and the person when she found out I was a vegetarian, her mouth dropped as if I was a bad person or at best had three heads and my stomach felt sickened, thank God I never heard from her. (I later found out her step daughter is a vegan cardiologist, daughter of my Christian midwife years ago.) We tried a fundamental kjv type church and the pastor would make fun of vegetarians from the pulpit.

    The church (with a little 'c') will never reach the world with their ugly attitudes on things like this. If only people would just look into the ethics of things and understand a little, just to think about things that maybe are not right such as factory farming and the like, things that shouldn't be liberal or conservative. But that's another comment and another blog. (gentle smile).

    My daughter, whose video is on my blog at present has had a horrible time with church goers questioning her strict healing diet and really just giving her heck about it to put it most lightly, the leaders of a young couple group started ignoring her when they found out about her diet. It ought not be. It's sad and it makes Jesus very sad, how it must grieve His heart. My daughter and her husband have found a sweet church by the way.

    So, yes, I understand what the sweet lady was saying in the video. I've seen and felt the same thing many times. It's just really sad.

    I have to wonder if Francis of Assisi or John Wesley would be welcomed in many of the churches these days? Or even the Booths from the Salvation Army.

    Once again, I so enjoyed the video and I enjoy your blog too. You have some great thought provoking entries.

    I hope you have a great day, the video was so interesting and I think my husband will enjoy it too.

    1. I'm sorry to hear you have run into this kind of thing! It seems strange to me that someone would have an issue with eating vegetables.

      I've been involved in a few church groups where we had to jump through hoops whenever an event involved food. Gluten allergies, red dye, all the things out there people avoid. You have to have low carb options and low fat options and no sugar options. I think vegetarian would actually be easier than all of these other restrictions.

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment!

  7. Lovely young woman!
    Loving nature and health foods is highly recommended to all, regardless of religion.

  8. dear Sandi i am glad you shred this valuable story
    i will see it further latter as lunch time here :(
    i really respect Honest people i believe they are truly inspiration for others
    her accent conveys her inner peace more than her words
    i think people like this are fortunate to have instinct within which leads all learning they go through toward ultimate realty
    thank you my amazing friend!