Saturday, June 27, 2020


I am hungry. So hungry, in fact, that I am eating french fries cooked in last night's grease. They are delicious. The cafe is dirty and filled with people from afar. I recognize no one except Yuri who invited me here.

"They will try to do this to you, too," he explains. He is going on and on about the revolution. He says communists will aim for America and take us down from within. "They are doing it now," he says. "While you are sleeping." 

I am a young woman, but he says before I am old I will see it with my own eyes. He recognizes it only because he has seen it all before. 

"A storm is coming," he tells me.

I awake with a start and remember his words from the dream. I am an old woman now and Yuri was right. Can you see it?

But what is the answer? This is the answer:

Yuri Bezmenov on How to Prevent Ideological Subversion

"...that takes one step, one very important thing to do. You don't have to expel all the KGB agents from Washington DC. The most difficult and at the same time the simplest answer to the subversion is to start it here and even before, by bringing back the society to religion, something that you cannot touch and eat and put on yourself. But something that rules society and makes it move and preserve it. A Soviet scientist, Shafarevich, who has nothing to do with religion, he is a computer scientist, did a very intensive research the on the history of Socialist countries. He calls Socialist or Communist any country with the centralized economy and the pyramidal style of power structure and he discovered, actually he didn't discover, he just brought to attention of his readers.

That civilizations like Mohenjo-daro in the River Indus area, like Egypt, like Maya, Incas, like Babylonian culture, collapsed and disappeared from the surface of Earth the moment they lost religion. As simple as that. They disintegrated. Nobody remembers about them anymore. Well, just a few. 

So, the ideas are moving society and keeping mankind as society of human beings, intelligent, moral agents of God. The facts, the truth, the exact knowledge may not. All the sophisticated technology and computers will not prevent society from disintegrating and eventually dying out. Have you ever met a person who would sacrifice his life, freedom for the truth like that? (writes 2x2=4 on board) This is truth. I never met the person who said, "This is truth and I am ready to... shoot me!" to defend the truth. Right?

But millions sacrifice their life, freedom, comfort, everything for things like God, like Jesus Christ. It's an honor!

Some martyrs in the Soviet concentration camp died and they died in peace unlike those who shouted, "Long live Stalin!" knowing perfectly well that he may not live long. 

Something which is not material moves society and helps it to survive, and the other way around, the moment we turn into 2 by 2 is 4 and make it the guiding principle of our life, our existence, we die. Even though this is true (points to 2x2=4) and this we cannot prove (points to God and J.C.) We can only feel and have faith in it.

So the answer to ideological subversion, strangely enough, is very simple. You don't have to shoot people. You don't have to aim missiles and Pershings and cruise missiles at Andropov's headquarters. You simply have to have faith and prevent subversion. In other words, not to be a victim of subversion. 

Don't try to be a person who in Judo is trying to smash your enemy and being caught by your hand. Don't strike like that. Strike with power of your spirit and moral superiority. If you don't have that power, it's high time to develop it, and that's the only answer."

I have posted this many times because I think it is important to know. We are all sitting in that cafe now. Forgive me if you have seen it a thousand times.


  1. What answer? It's too late for an answer.
    The answer would have been to follow the rules of God's Creation, but Man has constantly violated those rules by migration, wars, colonialism, slavery.

    I believe in God and pray to Him, but keep away from organized religion as I think it's highly corrupted and misleading. So far, organized religion has not been a solution, but a problem.

    1. It's not too late.
      God calls to each of us.

  2. Without our faith, firm and strong, we are nothing. Thank you for sharing these words of warning with us today, Sandi.

  3. Hi Sandi,
    it is only faith in God through Jesus Christ that can be the substance of things hoped for. Life in the physical on earth is like a puff of smoke, life in the Spirit is eternal. God bless.

  4. "To have Faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see." (Hebrews 11:1)

    Move away from God and you've lost everything.

    God bless.

  5. This is a really good post Sandi, and I'm glad you re-posted because this is the first time I've read it!

  6. Chyba jutro do obiadu zrobię frytki, bo piosenka mnie do tego zachęciła.

  7. this is the first time i have read this post sandi. our beliefs are different but i am always happy to see people who are so dedicated to what they believe in!! have a great new week!!

  8. Hi Sandi, to answer your question, I lived in quebec all of my life with the exception of a few years. In all of those years, I've seen french quebecers show so much hatred and contempt for English people and Canada in general. A neighbour of mine back in 2003 put up a Canada flag and it was burned. The local post office tried to put up the Canada flag a total of 4 times before giving up because it was vandalized once with spray paint and stolen 3 times. As an English Canadian, living in quebec was depressing, I was never welcome in the province where I was born. When I lived in Montreal, it was quite different, there was a lot of diversity, but moving to rural areas, that's where you see the bigotry very present. I'm happy to be out of there!

    1. Oh, wow! I had no idea Canada had things like that going on. Though, I do remember a political movement of Quebec wanting to leave Canada. I suppose there are still some who want that. Strange times all over.

  9. Uma semana muito abençoada com muita saúde.

  10. Very good re-post, Sandi. Life could be SO simple for all of us with God in our lives and hearts... There's so much hatred in our country now --and it hurts me to the core of my being...

    Thanks for coming to my blog... (I did change the date. Thanks.) I had fun with that one... There's a battle going on between my Canon and my iPhone.... I love to get people's thoughts/reactions...


  11. There are civilizations that have disappeared due to wars, even if they had a strong religion. For example. byzantines.
    The door is at the entrance to the National Theater in Bucharest.

    1. War, yes. But he is talking about people who have given up faith, not people conquered by physical war.

  12. This is the first time I saw it.. so thanks for sharing. We too have a firm belief in God.

  13. This is very interesting. I'd not read this before either and I appreciate your repost.

  14. I'm new here on this Canada Day.
    A very interesting post.
    I recently viewed a short video that was talking about all what is going on in the world now and how the Communists have an agenda to destroy the fabric of our nations.

    You can view this by googling "Congressional Record-- Appendix, PP. A34-A35 of the House of Representatives of January 10, 1963. "

    They have a list of 45 goals and it looks to me that they have already achieved many of those goals.

    We need some divine help for sure.


    1. Happy Canada Day, Julia...yesterday! 😊

      I have seen the 45 goals. Hard to believe, but we can see it happening.

      We do have divine help, though. I am hopeful about the future. I think it will be amazing.

  15. So true...This is the first time I see your post but I have watched that video with my husband some time ago. It is scaring and real.Thanks for sharing.

  16. This is so true, Sandi. Thank you for sharing this again. Wow, we so need to be reminded of this in this present time. Without God in our lives, we are doomed to destruction as a nation, as a society...we need Jesus.