Monday, December 29, 2014


I remember when the darkness left you. One moment its hand was at your throat, the other covering your eyes. You were blind, gasping, suffering, but mystified as to what was causing your turmoil. You blamed yourself, others, circumstances. All the while darkness held its grip on you. But in one moment the darkness was gone. I didn’t see it leave, but I knew instinctively it left in a panic. Something had fought the darkness and won. Something defeated it and there you stood, looking around like you’d never seen our brilliant world before. Every color was new. Each breath was like the very first; each sound, vibrant and alive, and comforting. You stood in the light a long, long time. In fact, you are still there, looking around, delighted. It makes me smile.


  1. This is beautiful. And, I can't but help but wonder....did prayer defeat the darkness....somebody standing in the gap praying?

  2. I like this post and I believe in God defeating the darkness of sin.