Monday, April 25, 2016


And when the cloud 
was taken up from 
over the tabernacle, 
the children of Israel 
went onward in 
all their journeys: 
But if the cloud were 
not taken up, then they 
journeyed not till the day 
that it was taken up. 
For the cloud of the Lord 
was upon the tabernacle by 
day, and fire was on it by 
night, in the sight of all 
the house of Israel, 
throughout all their journeys.

Exodus 40:36-38  KJV


  1. Hi Sandi! What a joy it would be to have such a clear, visible reminder that God was with me. Clouds and fire...that would do it! But really, I know he leads me in far subtler ways, and it's up to me to find him in the middle of my own clouds and fire.

    Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!

    1. Ceil, it would be easy... :) but terrifying!

  2. The Lord made very clear when they or not could travel.