Tuesday, September 6, 2016


God sets the solitary in families...
Psalm 68:6

It really says that. Wow. Amazing. 
That's what He did for me. 
But, still, I was surprised to see it.


  1. Hi Sandi. As I get older, I appreciate solitary moments and silence more and more, over music or television. Thanks so much for all your visits. Love them. Susan

  2. Hi Sandi, This verse got me to thinking. (I like that!) I had to look up some commentary on it. Here is some of what I found: "Verse 6. - God setteth the solitary in families; or, in a home; i.e. gives "solitary ones" - outcasts, wanderers - a home to dwell in. The reference is to the settlement of the nomadic Israelites in Canaan. He bringeth out those which are bound (see Psalm 146:7, "The Lord looseth the prisoners;" and compare the many references to the "bondage" of Israel in Egypt). The Exodus is glanced at, but not exclusively. God "brings men out" from the tyranny of worldly oppressors, of ghostly enemies, and of their own lusts and sins. With chains; rather, into prosperity (Hengstenberg, Kay, Cheyne, Revised Version). But the rebellious dwell in a dry land. Rebels against God are not "brought out." They are left to dwell in the "dry land" of their own impenitence and self-will (comp. Numbers 14:29-35)." From Biblehub.com. Thanks, Sandi, for this post!

    1. Wow!! Thanks for that analysis, John. Lots to think about...and be encouraged by.


  3. Beautiful thought from God's Word. And it is so true. I think of the many widows and single people around us and God blesses us with their presence in our Bible studies, our dinners, and other activities. They are a part of our families through Christ. So wonderful how God works.

  4. Yes God cares for His people, sometimes by wondrous roads.

  5. I have always referred to that verse in my testimony because that is exactly what God did for me and I am most thankful to Him for that.