Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Do da da Do Do Do do

In the movie Labyrinth, a teenage girl muscles her way through an elaborate series of adventures to get her baby brother back from Jareth, the Goblin King, played by David Bowie. He sings. He dances. She learns. She grows. At the beginning, some things seem important to her, but at the end, other things have taken their place.

Sarah: Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle; beyond the goblin city, to take back the child that you have stolen. My will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom as great...

Jareth: Stop! Look what I'm offering you. Your dreams.

Sarah: My kingdom as great...my kingdom as great...I can never remember that line.

Jareth: I ask for so little. Just fear me. Love me. Do as I ask and I shall be your slave.

Sarah (suddenly remembering): You have no power over me!

With that, Jareth is crestfallen and Sarah is jolted back to reality. She won!

Recently, I’ve been hearing David Bowie everywhere. Golden Years and then Modern Love on different radio stations. The next day, Fame. Then, Under Pressure, and again a few days later. The second time, I thought it was the Vanilla Ice song at first. 

Golden Years takes me back to a time of new beginnings. 

Don't let me hear you say life's taking you nowhere, Angel…

Modern Love, back even further. 

Fame. That deep “Fame, fame, fame,” and then higher, “What’s your name?” It sounds like an accusation. 

I saw a blog too, with an amazing Bowie mural. Two posts were dedicated to it. One and Two. There was even an album at Cracker Barrel of all places.

This morning I went looking through old boxes for something else, but came across a paper I’d written in college on the song Wild-Eyed Boy from Freecloud. In it, I analyzed the song, the characters, and the rhyming scheme. I cringed a little at my words, but it was one more Bowie thing and I noticed that song came out the year I was born.

I had a giant version of this in my dorm room, but took it down when I became a born-again Christian:

 I am pretty sure I saw this live: 

What does it mean? This is an era gone by to me. These songs remind me of old times, long lost friends, some now gone from this Earth before their time, and dreams of foolish things. Though it is painful to say that, youth has some foolishness, doesn’t it? I don’t believe now what I believed then. What I mean is, some things seemed important to me then, but now do not.

And then today I found this. I had never seen it before. It seems like someone would have mentioned it to me, but somehow I missed it until just now. It’s David Bowie reciting the Lord’s Prayer. It was April 20, 1992. Wow. I wish I had seen this then.


  1. WOW! Sandi who would have thought David Bowie, could recite the Lords prayer.
    Youth does have some foolishness, indeed.
    Have a blessed day,

  2. I have so many cringing youth foolishness moments...Thank the Lord for His grace. Hope your week is a good one, Sandi.

  3. I agree with ellen b....I also had some cringing moments. Praise God for His mercy and grace. Hope your Tuesday is Terrific.

  4. It's never too late to see anything in the past.

  5. I watched a documentary about David Bowie, where the cameras followed him around. It was very good, in his Ziggy Stardust period. One of my favorites of his is Space Oddity. I was sad for, like you say, kind of an end to an era when he died. I have never found out what kind of cancer he had. But I did see a video from his last album, and the song was wonderful, though very sad. I wonder what his religion was, or if he even practiced anything. I have never seen this prayer! Our rock stars seem to be dying so quickly to me! There is now only one Bee Gee left, only half of the Beatles, Neil diamond has dementia...I could go on and on. It is quite unsettling.

    1. I think I've seen that documentary too.

      His family seemed to be very private about his death. I think that speaks well of him...and them.

  6. This is a great post. Thanks for allowing us to see you in a different light... David Bowie too!! God bless!!

  7. I've seen Labyrinth once, years ago.

    The first film role of his that comes to mind is a more recent one, when he played Tesla in The Prestige.

  8. I never saw Labrynth. He was a great performer but my musical tastes went in a different direction. Because of all the times I looked at sheet music and singing along with my dad as he played the piano, I developed a great love for the classical, when all my other friends were enjoying the Beatles.

  9. I didn't see Labyrinth and right now I would like to see it.
    Sandi, you are a wonderful writer! When I read the last paragraph I felt that I could relate. I have to google David Bowie...
    Great post!!!

  10. Dear Sandi - what a surprise - never saw David Bowie in this light before. So glad you shared. Hope your week is good friend.

  11. Yes- all those things in the past are what make us who we are today. Some of those old songs stir emotions and feelings and take me right back to the place I was when I heard them the first time. That last song is a great one from Bowie.

    Thanks for popping by my blog today!!! xo Diana

  12. David Bowie was one of my teenage idols !

  13. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sharon, and thanks for posting those murals!

  14. Um post fantástico!
    Tenho imensas saudade de Bowie e do seu talento musical!...
    Peço desculpa, por estar a comentar em português, mas hoje estou com alguma falta de tempo... e para mim, é mais rápido, desta forma!...

  15. A Priest just reminded me this week how powerful the prayer, Our Father, really is. I say it every day. And I just joined in and said it on your blog today. Thank you.