Friday, September 21, 2018


A church spire reached the clouds just past the river, almost beyond her view but close enough to glimpse its majesty. It was topped in gold, of course, and reflected the glimmer of the sunset. In this village the sky touched the Earth. 

She'd come to the riverside with weariness in her heart. The day was bleak, rainy, and kept from her embrace by a million things to do. But perspective changes everything, even an unwilling heart.

The ducks paddled by two by two. The rain pulled back up into the clouds, leaving mist in its place. Music poured from a nearby window. Cello, she thought. Its melody swept away the hurried day with rest and thankfulness. That's how the world changed. She went home and made tea. Everything looked different. It was good.


  1. Beautiful. When will you write a book, Sandi? Good stuff!

  2. Your beautiful writing took me to that river, Sandi!
    Lovely post.

  3. Ah, the charms of music. This tea cup and saucer are beautiful!!!

  4. Hate and tea. Tea has defeated :)

  5. Hello dear Sandi!
    Such a beautiful and touching story!
    A cup of tea is a perfect idea to relax !
    Wishing you a lovely day and a happy weekend!

  6. Nice story Sandi, and than a nice cup of tea, so perfect on the end..

  7. I just came back from a drive in the country to get the first apples of the season. This post made me think of actual places I saw today. And, you made me want to have another cup of tea! So lovely.

  8. Dear Sandi, my mom used to say, "Dolores, you find what you look for. If you look for good, you will find it. And if you look for bad, you wills surely find it also." Peace.

  9. Hi Sandi,
    yes, sometimes we need to get away from the problem, and relax in a beautiful, peaceful place in order to solve the problem.

  10. This is another beautiful story.

    Dearsandi, I wish you the Blessed week.

  11. A hot cup of tea makes us feel so much better, doesn't it? And that tea cup and saucer is so Fall looking. I love the way you write, my friend.


  12. Beautiful analogy dear Sandi!

    yes it's how we look at things

    sometime a slight move of flower ,touch of breeze or even after being exhausted a hot cup of tea change our way to see things we have around