Monday, October 21, 2019


Small and hidden away, an intercessor 
prays for you. She rings the bells of 
heaven with her voice. Let your goodness 
be seen. Speak. Sing. Praise. Awaken. 

A whisper. A scream. 

Prayers are like lightning, shots in 
the dark, arrows into the heart of what 
separates us. They are a child's voice interrupting the disputes of adults. 
We have many disputes, our two lands, 
don't we? All of them are foolish. 

Suddenly, a wave roars this way, the 
sweeping move of every ocean, all at 
once from all directions. It is a shout 
to her whisper, a hush to her scream, 
and then she sees. She is praying for 
you, but you are praying for her.


  1. Prayers have never done any harm.

  2. That's a lovely ring the bells of heaven...

  3. Saint Mother Teresa said once that prayer is the most important activity of a person

  4. I agree that disputes between countries is foolish. But it seems that men just must spend money on war.

  5. I believe there is the heart of an intercessor in all of us. What a different world this would be if we all prayed:)

  6. Prayers are like lightning, shots in the dark. That's brilliant.

  7. it is so frightening to even think i can't pray dear sandi!

    it is core of my being ,without it i will be blown like ash
    this is so beautiful sharing !

  8. Beautiful, Sandi. Prayer is powerful and comforting.