Monday, January 24, 2022



I'm scared.

Really? Now, after all these years, you're scared?

This darkness is the same darkness I was rescued from.

You were rescued, remember?

What if it gets my kids? 

What if I get your kids?

What if you don't hear me when I pray? 

Is that what you think, after all the answers, that's what you are afraid of?

Give me a sign. 

Oy vey, always a sign.

Ok, I'll give you a sign. What do you want it to say?

See, I heard you. 

I can do that.


  1. God listens, and He answers. It is us who sometimes don't listen.

    God bless.

  2. Don't Be Afraid.....

    "Fear not," said Moses, "Just stand still
    And watch what God can do!
    I'll wave the rod of God and lo-
    That sea will part for you."

    "You'll walk across without a drop
    And reach the other side,
    But God will overflow your foe
    Till every one has died!"

    And so it was, at God's command,
    God set His people free.
    And every single child of God
    Fled safely through the sea

    Then God the enemy confused;
    They panicked, turned around
    And tried to flee the wrath of God
    But every man was drowned.

    But just an hour or two before,
    Oh, how God's children cried.
    And how they rued their circumstance
    As though God's man had lied.

    Until they heard a Word from God
    As Moses stood and prayed,
    And then he simply shared God's Word
    Which was, "Do not be afraid,

    Stand still, and see what God can do."
    Then scales fell from their eyes;
    Oh, like Elisha, could they see
    How angels rimmed the skies.

    And can not we when we, like they
    Are paralyzed with fear
    Not stop and hear the voice of God
    Speak softly in our ear?

    "Don't be afraid, my child, I'm here.
    I'll part that sea for you.
    Don't be afraid-just look at Me;
    Just watch what I can do!"

    So do not fear, my Christian friend,
    For only time will tell
    Of how the God of Israel
    Delivered you as well

    So, cease, now crying out in pain,
    "Why God, this raging sea?"
    It is to drown your captors
    So God can set you free

    Stop weeping, child, stop weeping,
    No need to be dismayed.
    Just stand still and look at God
    And you won't be afraid!
    (Author Unknown)...

    1. Thank you so much for that, Willie.


      You are a burning bush in the wilderness.

    2. Thank you Willie. Well said.

      God bless.

    3. Thank you, Sir. This brought tears to my eyes.
      HE is faithful!!

  3. There is an epidemic of fear out there...Just as you write, we tell the Father about it, He is merciful and will truly answer our prayers.

  4. Fear is such a powerful enemy in our lives. Sometimes it is hard to look past the present situation and find any peace. God bless you. xo Diana

  5. Fear takes away our strength. It suffocates us. Chokes. Paralyzes.
    God comforts us in all our troubles.
    Hugs and greetings.

  6. We are always looking for signs, besides praying. And we usually get them!

  7. I guess fear is a very natural response in difficult situations, but God is faithful and we have no need to be afraid.

  8. Rather than fear I would say I'm really really tired.

  9. We all have fears sometimes, but God! I appreciate this post.

  10. Thanks, that was great. Something we can all relate to!

  11. A very thoughtful post, Sandi. Lots of meat there.

  12. Smiling here about Oye vey, always a sign. :)

  13. Zawsze trzeba mieć nadzieję.

  14. Powerful Sandi. He hears and knows.

  15. Yes, He's given us not only a sign, but given us Himself.

    We are blessed indeed.

  16. You always share beautiful writing, my friend!