Friday, May 31, 2024

Between the Living and the Dead


They flipped through the photo album like it was a holy book.

“I remember this phase,” he said. “You looked like death.”

“As did you,” she reminded him.

They laughed a lot and wept a little remembering the past. So many days wasted.

He turned the page.

“This is when the light came on in your eyes.”

She looked closely. It was. She could see it too.

He continued, “One day we were peas in a pod. The next day you were different.”

She nodded.

He was silent for quite some time, then asked, “Did I ever tell you about my dream?”

No. He hadn’t.

His voice cleared and he told it as if he’d been mulling it over for 34 years.

“You were in front of me, talking about something to do with your kitchen. Really. Just an ordinary day and ordinary words and a folded dish towel you put on the counter. It was sudden, but it wasn’t. Somehow in the dream I knew it wasn’t just you. It was this great cloud. You were gone. They were gone. I was standing alone in your kitchen looking at where you had been. I could see you in the sky, in a way, though you weren’t there either.”

She listened.

He went on, “You asked Jesus not to forget me.”

She was surprised, but not really.

“He didn’t forget me,” his voice cracked. “He froze everything. The sky. The people. You, even.”

“For how long?” She wanted details.

He smiled as he said, “Almost 80 years, the length of my lifetime. He waited for me.”

They wept as they remembered these things.


  1. Hello, Sandi! I like your story about our Jesus Christ.

    1. Thank you, Ирина. I appreciate that!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Karen! I enjoy the walks on your blog.

  3. Our Father is indeed longsuffering, yes? Thank you.

    1. Yea. So patient, not willing that any would be lost.

  4. Your stories are always touching and thought provoking. I really liked this one.

  5. Wow, this one really got me! Wow. So thankful that Jesus is patient and wants all men to be saved before He returns to call us all up to heaven. He is the only one who knows when that day will come, but I know many of us are getting anxious for His return.

  6. Beautiful and poignant, Sandi!
    Your words touch the soul.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Yes, "This great cloud"....

    "You asked Jesus not to forget me"....Jesus waited.

    Beautiful. What a loving Father, so very touching.

  8. Well written and thought provoking. Thanx Sandi.

    God bless.

  9. Great way to put the way we are without God in our lives!

  10. God bless you my friend! Deeply felt. Thank you

  11. Dearest Sandi,
    Can relate to this so well...

  12. 'Forget me not' - is our eternal request from those important to us in life.

  13. Ah wonderful writing Sandi...we know when we are His we never truly say goodbye to those who we love and they who love Him. Hugs!

  14. but a blink of the eye. amazing how time flies. i keep saying what will i learn by the time i get to my mother's/father's age ... at 46 i am still amazed that each and every day i am learning and new lesson. i know at times i think gosh i wish i had known this or that ...but then i think nope it was to happen at the time it did. all good. at the proper time it did occurred. God is good. good all the time. thankful. ( ;

  15. Oh, Oh, Oh, that is beautiful....really touched my heart. Thanks for sharing♥

  16. A dialogue about powerful memories.

  17. beautiful dear Sandi !
    hugs and blessings

  18. This is beautiful.
    Your stories belong in a book.