Monday, June 24, 2024

The Book of Stupid Things


To my great-great-great granddaughter, I will not leave this book to you. I pray you never flip through its pages, never draw its words in as a breath, that you live free, freer than me.

The Book of Stupid Things.

She held a book of stupid things.

It held her memories, all the bad ones.

It condemned her and others. It told lies, believe it or not. Some people believe lies as though they are the truth. Forty pages, chapters all, in teeny-tiny font so a million letters fill each verse. A million and one, then more, insisting she should not have done that. It was the heaviest book in all existence. It was a great tomb, uh, tome.

Chapter One: Foolish Words. Why did I say that?

Chapter Two: What Have I Done?


Wasted days.

If only I had done that instead.

If only. If only.

Do you have a well-read book like this?

I remember what you said! At least, I am not guilty like you. Oh, wait. I am too. All the chapters in this book are about me. Ad nauseam.

Condemnation is not the same as conviction. Not even close.

My great-great-great granddaughter, sweet one, holy one, do not confuse the two. Follow conviction and wisdom. Do not write for yourself a book of stupid things.


  1. Whew...This made me gulp and say oh my.. I think I have a few chapters of that book too. I really try to not live in the negatives of all the stupid things I have done and said.. Its only with God's help that I can rest in the Lamb's Book of Life. PTL.
    To answer your question on today's blog post...why?? Why is CA like this? It truly is the devil's play ground and our Gov. is evil..there I have said it in print. He so wants to be the USA president and if he makes it only God knows how this will all turn out.

  2. I'm afraid I also have a few of these chapters. Why did I say that? I'm very guilty of this one. Good advice - don't write a book of stupid things!

  3. This is deep, meaningful, and lovely. Such a creative and helpful little story!!!

  4. Gosh, Sandi, you sure do know how to make us stop and think! Yikes, I am sure I must have a few chapters in that book, but honestly, at this point in my life I don't even remember all those things because my brain is slowly forgetting even the things I did today...maybe that's a blessing in disguise. Wow, this sure does make me think...

  5. Your stories are so good. I hope some day you consider turning them into a book.

  6. What a thoughtful post, Sandi. Indeed, there is uch food for thought here.

  7. i think if i got it right you are pointing out the personal diary where people write all the negative things .
    i agree such negative things bring only darkness and disappointment in life so aren't worth writing .
    to move further and successfully there is only way to stop looking back and stay positive
    hugs and best wishes

  8. Ooooooo. Wow. This is good, Sandi. Very good.

    Have a wonderful and sweet day as you commune with the good Lord. ~Amelia

  9. I have some chapters in that book too, BUT I am so thankful that I can turn to God and He will forgive me. :)

  10. Amazing post, thank-you for sharing, this is a lovely post.


  11. oh yes, this book sounds very familiar to me!

  12. Well, I certainly have a chapter or two like that, Sandi. Why did I say that? I'm so thankful for the forgiveness that comes from God when I turn to Him. And thank you for sharing that condemnation and conviction are not the same thing. Once we've asked for forgiveness the child of God is free of the condemnation...thanks to our precious Savior. :)

  13. If one is human one either has or has featured in a book of stupid things because being human means to do stupid stuff from time to time

  14. Wow! I'm sure I have those chapters in 'my book', things I wish I hadn't done or got caught in. Certain of those things I have chosen to keep between me and God.