Saturday, January 6, 2018


It was an impressive golden room. Everything was carved or plated, painted and bright. It was just one shade from too much, a brush stroke from overwhelming. Her eyes couldn't take it in, only her soul and with that only if her spirit helped. She stood in a state of thankfulness, peaceful to her core, until the huge double doors opened with thunder and her colleagues came in with the paper. 

They wanted a translation. She scanned the sheet with more than a little surprise. The text was written in many languages, over and over again. It was a repeating proclamation, with the languages of Earth intermingled and working together. The words seemed to link arms to speak and those that had no apparent connection combined to deliver the message. 

What was it? 

They recognized several words here and there. It was about God, of course. They studied it. They asked her to pray. But every prayer had already been answered. She knew what it said and she'd been waiting for it. 

God is...

God is angry? God is coming? 

The nebulous "God is Love" that seems to cover all sins, but exposes them instead? 

It was a mystery to almost all in that shimmering room. 

Was it a warning? 

No, she told them. It is not a warning. And with a deep breath she revealed it. It says, "God is here."


  1. Lovely, Sandi, both in terms of thought and of language.

  2. That is ... (I have o words for it)

  3. Hello, yes I believe God is always here. Enjoy your day and weekend.

  4. Emmanuel...God With US!! My favorite thought and word. And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us... Praise God!!

  5. Yes, God is with here with us always. He is omnipresent.

  6. Yes, Praise God! Loved reading your post! Amen!
    God is here!♡

  7. Beautiful, and I love this phrase: The words seemed to link arms.

  8. Hello, Dear Sandi!
    A beautiful story.
    I believe that God is everywhere. He is everywhere!

  9. I absolutely love this and hope you make more stuff like it :)

  10. There is no place where God is not.

    ~Maya Angelou

  11. He is overwhelming ,

    we are surrounded by him

    he is inside us

    waiting for just one call from us and to re repons lovingly