Sunday, October 7, 2018

Quiet Space

Peace is a good pursuit.

There's a scene in Star Trek where Counselor Troi and a visiting diplomat, Tam, are discussing quiet minds. Both are Betazoids, a race of humanoids with telepathic abilities.

Tam was born with the disability of hearing all the thoughts of the people around him all the time at full volume, 
while Troi can filter them out. 

Commander Data is the only person on the ship who gives Tam any relief because Data is an android and lacks the continously churning thoughts of a human being. 

Tam: Beautiful creatures, the Chandrans. Their minds are glacial. They have a lovely three-day ritual for saying hello. Peaceful, untroubled people...

Troi: Unlike humanoids? 

Tam: Well, except for your friend Data. I like him. 
He's... restful. 

But we are not like the tormented Betazoid diplomat. We are not at the mercy of anyone's thoughts overwhelming us. We don't get to hear them unless we ask and listen. 
We control what we think. We can choose peace.

Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 3: Episode 20, "Tin Man"


  1. Hello dear Sandi! So true!
    I’m fan of Star Trek!
    Marina Sirtis (Troi) her parents are Greek!
    Enjoy your week!

  2. I try to filter out the 'noise' that goes on around me much of the time and find that quiet, peaceful spot. Sometimes I am actually successful in doing just that.
    Have a wonderful Sunday, Sandi. xo Diana

  3. Yes, we can't control many things but we can control what we think.
    Thank you, Sandi for reminding me always to choose peace.

  4. How awful it wold be to know what everyone is thinking all the time! God gifted us with the perfect amount of abilities.

  5. It is a blessing to be able to choose peace!

  6. Love this Sandi. Always nice to find another Trekkie like me. The Next Generation is my favorite although the original was the one I watched from day one. LOL! Yes I am that old. Have a great day.

    1. I am too then! ;-) I watched it in reruns after school, but Captain Kirk was my favorite.

  7. We just watched this episode recently.

  8. Hello Sandi,

    I choose peace too. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and week ahead.

  9. Hi Sandi,
    I have never watched Star Trek, but what came to mind as I read your post is that if we think with the mind of Christ, we have a peace that passes all understanding, and also the best counsellor.

  10. CHOOSING peace and rest and tranquility is OUR choice for sure... We make decisions in life --some good and some not-so-good---but we have the choice to know what to do with those choices and decisions.... It's all up to US.. Thanks be to God.


  11. Peace is needed by world and people of this day here dear Sandi!

    and how gracious that God left the choice upon us

  12. Fortunately we can not hear what others think.
    It is nice to think of Jesus in peace and quiet.

  13. Yes, we can control what we think. Too bad some people are unable to accept that...

  14. I'm glad that no one can hear the chaos in my busy ADHD brain! LOL!