Saturday, April 9, 2022



The world was changing subtly. While turmoil filled the skies, small movements were taking place on the ground. A kingdom there, a governor or clerk, a dynasty, all falling like water down a drain. Each one held a peg, and as they fell, everything changed. We looked around like we had never seen color before, felt the sun on our faces like it had never shone. The clouds had parted. The ground had stopped shaking. All was still. 

Now what? Now we dance.


  1. Sandi very appropriate words for the world we are living in today. We certainly need to continue to looks for His Hand in all things. Hugs!

  2. “Now what? We dance!” Hallelujah, like King Jehoshaphat ☺️ Thanks for your thoughts and question on my blog. I don’t bring them in at night because that is what winter sowing is about…it gives the seeds a bit of protection from the elements but it still gives the the cold needed for certain seeds that require “stratification “

  3. These words so fit our current days.